December 22, 2006

Giving Cancer the Boot

My sister Roni has been undergoing chemotherapy as part of a continued treatment plan for breast cancer.

Roni is obsessed with boots. All kinds of boots. Boots that go to the knee or over the knee. Boots that go just to the ankle and some that rise to mid-calf. Shoes that look like boots. Spike heel. Platform. She probably even has boots without a heel. Snake skin, eel, leather, suede. Power boots. Comfort boots.

Boots. She loves boots.

To every treatment, Roni wears a different pair of boots. Technicians, oncologists and other patients notice her always remarkable boots.

Her fifth chemotherapy treatment was Thursday. Wednesday, she wrote:

My Man is AMAZING. Knowing that I'm more than a little bummed about a chemo Christmas,...he did what every good husband ought to do.

He went out and bought me a pair of killer black boots with wee spiky heels and gave them to me before Christmas so that I could wear them to my chemo treatment in the morning.

Ya' gotta' really love a man that knows the emotional value of a good pair of kick-ass leather boots.
I guess it's true, what they say - every cloud has a leather lining.


Michelle Henderson said...

Clever, Christine, very clever! I'm thinking that those Iron IVs are working and that maybe you COULD be a daily columnist after all.